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An Introduction to Dr. Al
Coaching Leaders & Their Companies
Recruiting: Searching for Clues
A Bridge for Achieving Life-Changing Results
Group Presentations that Inform & Entertain
Psychological Testing and the Hiring Process
After You Hire Someone, What’s Your Plan?
Strategy on a Napkin
What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?
Capability: the Other Side of Accountability
Do You Have a Successful Team
Access the Tools of Engagement NOW
First Engagement: You Leading You
Effective Personal Leadership
The Reality of the Well Oiled Machine
Works of Art – Arts of Work
Sweating the Small Stuff
Putting Sweat into the Small Stuff
Thinking “I’ll Try” vs. “I Will”

Boosting Workplace Morale
How Stress Can Be Good
Motivation Part 1: Psychology Didn’t Help
Motivation Part 2: Well then, What is it?
Disambiguation and Other Large Words
Acronyms From Another Time
Recalibrating after a Glitch
• How’s Your Personal GPS Working?

Balancing Cost vs Benefits
Who Motivates the Motivator?
What Would You do If You Weren’t Afraid
The Brink of Ignorance
A Window into Your Leadership Style
Do You Dare?

Judging Without Pre-Judging
Becoming More Productive

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