“The ISO 9000 of Psychology”

That’s what a client said about our Effective Personal Leadership (EPL) program.  If you’re unfamiliar with ISO (International Organization for Standardization), it is a worldwide organization that promotes a stringent certification for best manufacturing practices.

ISO history stretches back more than fifty years to military necessities. Successful manufacturers that meet or exceed their guidelines receive ISO-9000 certification. Today companies can also apply for an ISO-9001 certification which spells out specific operational standards for organizations to meet.

Currently there are a series of ISO certifications that have evolved over the last three decades.  Leadership Management Intl., owner of the EPL programs, successfully secured an ISO certification at the start of the new millennium.  ISO is an ongoing rating system, not just a one-time award to hang on your wall. ISO basically does what?  It requires a company to document and prove exactly how it provides its customers with “defect-free” products.  ISO inspectors have very detailed expectations, and they expect to see an extended version of these core “absolutes”:

  • FIRST ABSOLUTE:  The Definition of Quality: Conformance to Requirements
  • SECOND ABSOLUTE: The System of Quality: Prevention
  • THIRD ABSOLUTE:  The Performance Standard: Zero Defects
  • FOURTH ABSOLUTE: The Measurement of Quality: The Price of Nonconformance


Quality Without Tears, Philip B. Crosby, 1984

This is Phil Crosby’s model for successful quality improvement, not the total ISO certification process.  The Wikipedia listing notes that the ISO-9001system has at least a 30-page document of requirements.  Quality isn’t something for the faint-hearted! So “ISO Psychology” would be? 

Simply put, The psychology for defect-free management & leadership! Ask yourself this:  Have you ever worked for a manager or leader who was defect-free, particularly when it came to developing stronger and better employees?  Most people haven’t but if you have, you’re a very fortunate individual. If you are in a position of leadership, how will EPL help you learn to practice defect-free, high-achieving leadership?  EPL identifies Five Absolutes for Quality Leadership and then mandates that you lay out your plans of action for accomplishing quality-driven leadership goals.  And to assist in being accountable, it challenges you to set salient measurement benchmarks of your conformance to best leadership practices.

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Allen M. Raffetto, Ph.D., the group’s founder, brings together psychology and business for clients throughout North America. He has worked extensively with companies in the Midwest since 1983. Dr. Raffetto holds degrees in psychology from Stanford University (B.A.), San Francisco State University (M.A.) and the University of North Dakota, (Ph.D.). His specialized area, cognitive psychology, includes studies of human learning, memory, perception and information processing. He was a member of the faculty and Chairman of the Psychology Department at Beloit College from 1969 to 1984. During those years Dr. Raffetto also held research appointments at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he studied the reading process, and at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, where he participated in an on-going study of how medical education transforms bright students into practicing physicians.

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