Why We’re Unique

“People teach me new things every day. Of course I have to let them.” Dr. Al

As a visual for our unique value we use a simple “rubber band,” an analogy for “your most valuable workplace asset, your people’s energy. Most rubber bands lay in drawers as potential energy, un-stretched but able to become kinetic energy when challenged to do so.

Unfortunately ineffective training doesn’t challenge. Instead it stretches people just a little but once the entertaining programs are over participants quickly return to their resting states, becoming potential energy once again. Don’t let your most valuable asset stay un-stretched, spending most of its time resting comfortably in work spaces.

We are experts at successfully stretching people beyond their comfort zones. Our unique value is that, like the rubber band in a balsa wood airplane, (see video) we uncover your stored potential energy and help you convert it into kinetic energy, energy in motion. The result is that your most valuable asset becomes energy for work, energy that can propel your business to amazing destinations.

This Video Demonstrates Our Philosophy