Talent Recruitment

Dog-Mom-&-PupHave you ever picked a key player for your team? It’s like picking a great dog from a litter of pups. Do you pick the happy one, the sleepy one, or the one who shows you affection.

As Stephen Covey advised, “Begin with the end in mind.” When you are looking for a star-to-be, you’ll often see only that which you expect to see. Our Talent Recruitment Process is designed to remove as many illusions and sources of uncertainty as is possible when hiring people whom you expect to become key players. We provide a data-based system that starts when a job opening is envisioned and continues through job orientation.

Profile Report CoverWe know that ninety percent of recruitment mistakes can be traced back to “assuming” that everyone was looking for the same thing. That’s why we start before the process starts, meaning that we help you converge on the most important, crystal-clear qualities and competencies needed for success in the job.

The Profile: When you just can’t afford to make a mistake. We use tests such as the Profile Evaluation System to help you see what factors lie beneath the surface of your top choices. These factors are the things you simply can’t assess from the use of job history and apparent personal compatibility.