Key Player Development

How to pinpoint their unique development needs

Key Players can be anybody in an organization, but most often they are employees who manage and/or lead in the company. What’s the difference between the two?

  • Managers manage by the way they handle themselves
  • Leaders lead by the way they express themselves

Profile Cover

Leadership Expressions unites data from the Profile personality matrix with selected theories about effective leadership and management, principles and processes. The sole purpose of this report is to create better awareness of dispositions that influence leader and manager effectiveness. Our intent is to help focus an organization’s energies on the most positive ways for leading the company’s people and managing the ways they perform their jobs.

Effect Results Prototype

We built the Leadership Expressions Report to help leaders and managers improve how well they get results from their employees. Every person has, throughout life, constructed preferred ways to invest workplace energy. We call it “ personality-at-work.”
By connecting a Profile Personality Report with a leadership styles model called “Style Parallax”1 we can focus on what factors are strong contributors to one’s effectiveness in the roles of leader and manager and also what development strategies might be game-changers for one’s position in a company.