Interlocking-CirclesHiring is like an experiment. You hope for a certain outcome but you never know the final outcome until all the data are in. When you hire someone, you follow a hypothesis testing process where you actively scan the candidate information and search/test for the best fit, the person who is most consistent with your sense of what the position needs. The problem in this process is that there are many plausible interpretations of the candidate’s presented qualities. Consequently, you end up more often than not hiring someone with many, many unknowns you’ll eventually discover once s/he is on the job.

It’s this ambiguity that makes apparent the risky, inevitable hypothesis-testing nature of the process. Candidates are complex individuals who want to present their very best image. Depending upon the past experience of the interviewer and the situation within which the candidate is seen, you may perceive very different, apparent identities, or you might be seeing an illusion. How well do you see History, Compatibility, and Suitability using your hiring process?

Our Talent Recruitment Process is meant to remove as many sources of ambiguity as is possible in a hiring process.  But no one can remove the fact that you will see only that which you expect to see.