Dr-Als-Napkin-PresentationsChallenge & Support

This napkin presentation helps vividly explain how these two communicated messages, Challenge and Support, develop behaviors. Challenge is anything you ask for; Support is anything you give.


We guide a conversation about why problems never get solved and talk about how to substitute methods for better thoughts, feelings and problem-solving behaviors)

Dr. Al's Napkin PresentationsSOLVE*

One of many acronyms for clarifying productive problem-solving processes, and calling for change. (*State event, Outcome actuality, List causes, Visualize change, Evaluate change)


This napkin helps the prospective client identify where changes would matter most discussing changes that we can facilitate with our consulting work.


This acronym was taken from Spin Selling by Neil Rackham.  It is a great way to talk about the implications for desired change.


This napkin message clarifies an opinion that not all errors should be thrown out, nor should all errors be treated as equals.  It addresses what the unique consequences should be for a mistake, and error and an “event.”

This video by Dan Roam is an excellent example of the type of “Back of the Napkin” presentations offered by Dr. Allen M. Raffetto, PhD.

*Copyright: Dan Roam