Navigating Towards Success | Raffetto GroupThe Raffetto Group, LLC, is an alliance of trainers, facilitators and mentors led by an executive coach who is grounded in both cognitive psychology and the practical psychology of the workplace.

The pivot point of our energies is a our association with Leadership Management International. Dr. Raffetto is the franchise owner, and he serves as the company’s worldwide assessments trainer.

In the past 30 years The Raffetto Group has advised and trained an array of companies from accountants to veterinarians and at sizes ranging from sole proprietor architect to a manufacturing company with 3,000-employees.

  • Our purpose is to help people weave together their thoughts and feelings into habits of high expectations and actions that get amazing results both in business and in life.
  • Our goal is to improve results and enhance lives at personal and corporate levels.
  • Our motto is straightforward: “Do Good, Build Pride, Enjoy Success”

Sometimes a Skilled Crew is ONE Person!

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